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Nick Cornish  Photography

Nick Cornish was a professional photographer for over 20 years. Working for leading national and international newspapers and magazines, he has covered many events of global significance.


His resume includes coverage of conflicts in Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. He has also chronicled the aftermath of natural and humanitarian disasters in Africa, Thailand and Italy, including famine, floods and earthquakes. His photographs have featured in published books by award winning investigative journalists.

His skills included a natural gift for portraiture, and his acclaimed studies of celebrities such as Giorgio Armani and the actor John Malkovich have been published in a variety of international media.

Although born in England, Nick lived with his Italian wife in Umbria. He travelled all over Italy and Europe and was within easy access of both Rome and Florence. He worked for the Guardian, the Telegraph and The Sunday Times, amongst others.

Throughout his career Nick has photographed many beautiful homes, gardens and landscapes for lifestyle magazines and newspaper colour supplements.  More recently he had expanded his portfolio to include commercial, wedding and gourmet food photography.

Nick Cornish